What We Do

ZEB Global Ventures Ltd makes investments usually in its own products and innovations as well as in entrepreneurial, innovative companies and its affiliates. We also provide financial backing and guidance for start up and early stage businesses and invest in more established companies looking to use additional capital to build scale and momentum.  All of the ventures we back have high return on investment potentials and the ability to succeed in the global marketplace at any scale level. We typically invest between USD$1 million and USD$10 million in funding rounds of up to USD$25 million.  We either invest on our own or alongside venture capital firms and qualified private investors, usually as lead investor. We take minority stakes in the companies we invest in but look to exert a positive influence over their growth and development, working in partnership with the entrepreneurs we back and sharing their drive, values and commitment.

The funds we invest come from global financial institutions, alternative asset fund management companies, pension funds, family offices and qualified private investors.   

Unlike most companies that conform to the norms and conventional business mode of conduct, we challenge the status quo and our employees on the daily basis to think outside the box and in most cases without one. In this day in age with new ideas and concepts springing up daily, it is paramount that for our company to excel beyond and above it's competitors, it must tread on unbeaten paths and stand out from the rest to become a leader and a pioneer in the related industries. We believe that the next 'BIG THING' is yet to come and if we can not be the sole creator or provider of the next 'BIG THING' then it is imperative that we must be a part of it.