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    welcome to zeb global ventures

    ZEB Global Ventures Ltd is a division of Competitive Edge Solutions. Its  head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. The company is one of Canada's leading manufacturers of innovative products. Recently awarded the NQI award for the most i ..... Read More

    ZEB Global Ventures Ltd makes investments usually in its own products and innovations as well as in entrepreneurial, innovative companies and its affiliates. We also provide financial backing and guidance for start up and early stage businesses and invest in more established companies looking to use additional capital to build scale and momentum.  All of the ventures we back have high return on investment potentials and the ability to succeed in the global marketplace at any scale level. We typically invest between USD$1 million and USD$10 million in funding rounds of up to USD$25 million.  We either invest on our own or alongside venture capital firms and qualified private......Read More

    ZEB Global Ventures partnering with cosmetic giant
    ZEB Global Ventures Ltd. has partnered with a cosmetic company in Denmark to manufacture age defying ointments... Read More
    ZEB Global Ventures awarded The most innovative company award of the year
    After much anticipation for who will be awarded the ACPPA Most Innovative award of the year, the night came to... Read More
    The Bee wax anti-wrinkle ointment project -------------
    We are presently concluding the details and requirements for the Bee Wax anti-wrinkle ointment project and wil... Read More

      Good things may come to those who wait, but only things left behind by those who hustle.  

    Abraham Lincoln, United states President (March 1861 - April 1865)
         NQI Award - 2009

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